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Raising responsibility

Respect and responsibility are core values at our school. Students are expected to take responsibility for their decisions and to make good choices.

The raising responsibility scheme

At Rooty Hill High School, the Raising Responsibility System (RRS - designed by Marvin Marshall) is used to develop effective procedures and identify behaviour that is "above (or below) the line". In the RRS, discipline is defined as a quality held by students, staff and parents in managing their own work, behaviour and lives. It is the lack of discipline that leads to poor choices and negative consequences. The role of the students, teachers and other adults is to develop procedures and systems to help all students demonstrate cooperative and democratic behaviour – doing the right thing. It is also the role of teachers and adults to act when students are bossing, bullying or unable to control their own behaviours (anarchy).

All Year 7 students and new enrolments are taught how to demonstrate the school's values using these charts as the basis for understanding their behaviour. 

Download the Raising Responsibility System Poster (PDF 101KB)

Download the Raising Responsibility System Levels of Development (PDF 114KB)

Download the Raising Responsibility System Impulse Management Cards (PDF 95KB)