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About our school

Welcome to Rooty Hill High School, a great school that focuses on learning, leadership and achievement. We know you will enjoy browsing our website and we hope that it has the specific information you are after.

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Rooty Hill High School is an award winning, comprehensive secondary 7 to 12 community school in western Sydney committed to excellence in learning, leadership and achievement. Staff and students work and learn on Darug lands each day. RHHS is a large, co-educational, comprehensive community school in western Sydney experiencing rapid demographic change. 

The school has a heritage Cumberland forest site and a yarning circle; based in a rapidly changing ethnically and socially diverse community. Our purpose is to give each of the 1100 students the opportunity to do their best.

Over recent years, students have made progress in academic performance, reflecting the school's commitment to knowing and developing the talents of each student through personalised learning designed to increase the learning trajectory of each student. Significant numbers of students participate in extracurricular programs in the creative and performing arts, leadership programs, technology and sport. 

Students are given the opportunity to do their personal best through extensive and expansive curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, underpinned by the schools wellbeing initiatives, strength-based approaches and Choice Theory.

There are strong relationships with partner primary schools. The school also has strong academic and socio-cultural platforms that are enhanced by high quality relationships between staff and students. A strong, positive culture reflected in the Tell Them From Me surveys and in the number of opportunities students have to demonstrate engagement and pro-social behaviours beyond those of peers in other schools.

All our work is built on a strong culture of personal responsibility where the 7 core values of the school, based on the letters of the school's motto (PERSIST) guide our policies, programs and practices. PERSIST for us means participation, excellence, respect and responsibility, success, innovation, safety, teamwork and leadership.