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Record of school achievement

The Record of School Achievement (RoSA) is a cumulative credential for students who leave school before completing their HSC. 

The RoSA lists all mandatory and additional Stage 5 and – where applicable – Stage 6 courses completed by the student, along with the grade awarded. The RoSA credential also lists any courses commenced but not completed and the date of leaving school. The Board issues the formal RoSA credential to students who satisfy the eligibility requirements when they leave school.

School leavers who are not eligible for the RoSA will receive a Transcript of Study.

Students who leave school before receiving their Higher School Certificate (HSC) receive the NSW RoSA.

The RoSA is a cumulative credential in that it allows students to accumulate their academic results until they leave school.

To be eligible for a RoSA, students must complete Year 10.

If students intend to leave school before the HSC, they also have the option of taking literacy and numeracy tests and can use results as evidence of these skills if they leave school.

All students and schools will have access to a record of student results on a Student eRecord. The Student eRecord is available through Students Online for students, and Schools Online for schools. The Student eRecord is not a formal Board of Studies credential, but has the same information as a RoSA and also contains information regarding Life Skills outcomes achieved and VET course competencies completed, where applicable.